Referral Rewards Program
Official Rules
  1. 10% Referral Fee for new clients only. A 10% referral fee is offered to anyone that
    refers a new client to our company. This is for new clients only.After they have used us
    once they become a repeat client.
  2. Issue Referral Certificate -  a certificate, for 10% of the amount that the new
    client spent, is issued to the referring party automatically. We ask every new client how
    they heard about us. If they say you referred them we will send you a certificate for 10% of
    their bill.
  3. Redeemable for cash or services - the referring party may cash in the
    certificate by returning it to us, or may apply it towards future cleaning by presenting it on
    the jobsite.
  4. Valid for one year - The certificate expires one year from date of issue.
Anyone can get
Free Cash or Cleaning
through our
Referral Rewards Program